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Poker personification celebrities

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Shannon Elizabeth

Quite a few celebrities are obvious to suffer a famous 5 label diversion now and again. Among them are Spiderman actor Tobey Maguire who has competed in several poker tournaments and, according to poker veteran Phil Hellmuth; Maguire has pocketed $10m in Hollywood home poker games. Oscar leader Ben Affleck is also famous to like [...]

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Paris Hilton hits behind during internet hoax claiming she confused Nelson Mandela …

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Paris Hilton

By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 20:24 EST, 5 Dec 2013 | UPDATED: 11:51 EST, 6 Dec 2013 Paris Hilton has strike behind during an internet hoax that claimed she confused Nelson Mandela with Martin Luther King in a tweet. The feign twitter alleging to be from Hilton’s central comment read: ‘RIP Nelson Madela. Your “I [...]

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Lindsay Lohan — CHECK OUT MY SMOKIN’ HOT ASS … It’s Bathing Suit Season

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Lindsay Lohan

Rehab does a physique good … during slightest for Lindsay Lohan, who strapped on a one-piece showering fit and flaunted around her 27-year-old physique in Miami today. It’s a initial time Lindsay’s unequivocally shown off her physique given withdrawal court-ordered rehab behind in July, stemming from a forward pushing conviction. Lilo is in south Florida [...]

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Diez hechos que marcaron la vida de Mandela

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Vida Guerra

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Why Some Power Dialers Still Flip for Flip Phones

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Kate Beckinsale

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Who Wore a Most Fly Airport Outfit: Kourtney, Shakira or Eva?

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Shakira

Kourtney Kardashian, Shakira, Eva Longoria (FameFlynet, Bauer Griffin)Yesterday, LAX saw some-more than a share of celebrity: Kourtney Kardashian, Shakira and Eva Longoria all went jet-setting in style. The common thread? Each lady stranded to irritable neutral hues like black, colourless and brown. The initial wore a friendly combo of colourless sweatpants and a corpulent moto [...]

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Paris Hilton Slams "Stupid Fake Tweet": She Did Not Confuse Nelson Mandela …

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Paris Hilton

Twitter Paris Hilton knows who Nelson Mandela is, we guys. The celeb slammed a Twitter comment @DeletedTweets after they posted a screengrab of what looked to be a twitter from a socialite treacherous a South African personality for Martin Luther King Jr. when posting about Mandela’s death. “Whoever done that foolish feign twitter lacks honour [...]

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Teyana Taylor Dropped From Adidas Over Rihanna Beef

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Rihanna

Teyana Taylor lost her partnership with adidas over the beef that occurred on Twitter with Rihanna. It was back in September when Teyana Taylor and Rihanna had an all-out Twitter war, which involved both parties changing their Twitter AVI and banners to reflect the beef (see screenshots in the gallery above), not to mention getting [...]

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Scarlett Johansson: "El porno puede ser productivo para hombres y mujeres"

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Scarlett Johanson

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Joe Jonas on Disney: “I Had to Shave Every Day”

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Mischa Barton

If we aren’t utterly feeling like time is flitting we by, a elementary sign that Britney Spears incited 32 this past Monday might be adequate to do a trick. In a Daily Beast examination of her latest release, Britney Jean, Kevin Fallon dubs Spears “the final of a cocktail goddesses,” interjection in partial to her [...]

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